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    Forged Steel Ball Mill Balls

    Copper and Gold mining High hardness and good wearing grinding media balls HY mainly produce a range of grinding media balls in the mining and cement industry Application: 1. Mining (Copper, Gold, Iron, Aluminum, Manganese, Zinc, Chrome etc. ), Cement Plant , Power station , chemical industry . the Hot rolling grinding balls produced by advanced automatic rolling machine ( Grinding Balls from 20mm-70mm) + Labor Air Hammer ( 80mm-150mm) with special Heating treatment and strict quality control systerm , which make our grinding balls high performance Grinding balls 'Raw Material Purchase : Strategic partnership with standard steel enterprise and sign the long term agreement (50,000 Tons annually ) Purchase directly from Chinese famous standard steel enterprise , such as laigang Group, HBIS, ANSTEEL, XIWANG Special steel . We have special department of QC teamwork .The QC department director have 10 years experience in this industry . The team is responsible for inspection during production , inspection before delivery .( Forged Steel Grinding balls Surface and core hardness test each day each batch and all will be recorded and filed in documents )

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